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Do you need an exciting report, a current and well-researched specialist text or a comprehensive market overview for a special project? Do you have a gap in your editorial department or your publishing house and are looking for a reliable external partner? Then ME-Redaktion is the right place for you! You will be provided with individual and ideal solutions in text and image that meet your requirements.

The editorial office was founded by Martina Emmerich M.A. in 2002. With experience in the journalistic field working for printed newspapers, online editorial offices and in radio broadcasting, the freelance journalist deals primarily with the topics of catering, gastronomy, hotel business, culture, local news, tourism (esp. Scotland and Sweden) and wellness. Her articles are published in print and online newspapers, professional journals, advertising newspapers and magazines.

ME-Redaktion offers written solutions that will be delivered on time, well-researched, and written with your readers in mind.


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